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- Infowar is the battle of Good vs. Evil
- God’s Original Plan Of Creation
- How Things Changed After Lucifer Sinned
- How God Will Restore Us To A Sin Free State
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The Story Of The Infowar

Infowar is a war of information between good people who try to reveal the truth about God’s original plan of creation and evil people who follow Satan and try to destroy all of God’s creation. There has always been good people revealing the truth and fighting evil since the time of creation but the term infowar is specific to the time period during Satan’s current and final attempt to destroy God’s creation. Satan’s final attempt is called the New World Order and he has been setting it up since aproximately1600.

Satan has made previous attempts to destroy all that is good. 6000 years of history is a long time but the timeline is divided into several distinct parts so you don’t have to learn every detail that happened over 6000 years. The time periods of Satan’s other attempts previous to the new world order are:

  1. In heaven when he caused a rebellion that resulted in him and his followers being cast out from heaven down to earth.
  2. When Satan tricked Adam and Eve into sinning until the time of the great flood.
  3. The tower of Babel when God created different languages and scattered the nations around the earth.
  4. Satan used Egypt first as a major power to reconquer the earth and was stopped by the seven plagues sent by God and at the Red Sea crossing.
  5. Babylon was the next kingdom Satan used to try to conquer the earth and was stopped by a drought that allowed Mido-Persia to defeat Babylon.
  6. Satan used Greece next to conquer the earth but Greece fell when Alexander the Great died unexpectedly without an heir.
  7. Pagan Rome was Satan’s next attempt but it failed due to its own corruption and the determination of Christians to follow Jesus and not pagan idols.
  8. Papal Rome was Satan’s next attempt and it was stopped by Christians again through the reformation and by identifying the pope as the antichrist.
  9. Satan’s current try is the New World Order and it is opposed by info warriors and will be stopped by the return of Jesus very soon.

There are two future parts to earth’s timeline. Satan’s new world order will be stopped by the return of God and there will not be another attempt after that. At that time when God returns, all the good people who ever lived will return to heaven with God and only Satan will be left behind on the destroyed earth for 1000 years with the dead bodies of evil people who are killed by the light of God’s return. After 1000 years, God and all the good people will return to earth where the dead evil people will be brought back to life and thrown into a lake of fire with Satan and all the other fallen angels who choose to reject God. They will all be destroyed for eternity by the lake of fire. After Satan and his followers are destroyed, the earth will be restored and the good people will live in peace forever with God on earth.

Many Lies And Hidden Truths

The current strategy being used by Satan is called The Great Deception. In the past evil spirits were known by people to be real but now Satan and the fallen angels hide and carry out their plans in secret using groups of people to control the world for them. Those people follow Satan and actually meet with him and the fallen angels. When a person who is not supposed to know about the fallen angels sees one of them, that person is told they saw an alien or the ghost of a dead human as a cover story so that we won’t find out it is really Satan and the fallen angels hiding and controlling our world. Because we never include Satan and the fallen angels in our search as we try to find the creator of the New World Order, we never find the absolute picture. It always ends up looking like some powerful groups of humans rule the world with some loose ends left over that we can’t account for.

Finally, at the end of Satan’s plan for creating the new world order, Satan and the fallen angels will return pretending to be aliens from a star system called zeta reticuli or some other known star system and they will claim to be our creators. They will tell us that they are here to save us from destroying ourselves and they will give us laws that will be enforced using a technocratic system that we can’t overcome. Then Satan’s new world order will be complete. If he even gets that far before God stops him forever.

Basic Training

This video series by The Fuel Project is a good video representation of Infowar School’s Basic training. You can watch the seventy seven short videos in this series and use them as a basic introduction into the infowar.

The Major Events Of Earth’s 6000 Year History

An over view of the major battles between Satan and Jesus.