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- Infowar Is An Unbelievable Story But It Is True
- The Important Major Topics Of The Infowar And Why They Are Important
- Important Minor Topics
- The Story Of The Infowar
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- Infowar is the battle of Good vs. Evil
- God’s Original Plan Of Creation
- How Things Changed After Lucifer Sinned
- How God Will Restore Us To A Sin Free State
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- Temple Mount
- The Antichrist
- Illuminism
- Alien Agenda
- Satan’s Major Strategies
- The Great Deception
- Levels In The Secret Societies
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- Introduction
- Strategy For Proving The Absolute Picture Is True
- Check The Prophecies For Accuracy
- Archeological And Scientific Proof Supporting The Bible
- Key Topics Of Christianity
- Objections To Christianity
- Other Religions
- Archeological Evidence Against Evolution
- Divide And Conquer
- Major Strategies For Creating The New World Order
- Historical Timeline Of Earth Leading Up To The Info war
- Creating The Link Of Secret Societies Over Time
- Newer Secret Societies
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- Advanced Training
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- Solutions
- Educating Others And Yourself
- Arrest The New World Order
- Working In Groups
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Infowar Is An Unbelievable Story But It Is True

It is the most unbelievable story and it is all true. It could not be done except by using deception. There is a real life battle between good and evil on earth at this very moment. The bad people are building a New World Order to rule the world and depopulate the earth and they are almost finished. The key to stopping the New World Order is to reveal the truth about what the New World Order really is and what they are doing. All other corrective measures will follow from knowing the truth. That is the infowar.

If you have studied the infowar already you may have had the feeling that one level always leads to another hidden level and you can never find the final reason that explains why the world is the way it is. There is an absolute picture and one final and absolute authority and creator. God is real and so is Satan. The absolute picture ends with understanding God and his reasons for creating you and the rest of the universe. Then you will understand the absolute picture and why there is good and evil. The key to understanding the infowar is knowing three things: the parties involved, the places of importance and the timeline of the earth from creation until now.

There Are Many Complex Topics In The Infowar

The absolute picture is made of topics that are very complex and each of those topics requires its own lengthy explanation. It is best to learn what the major topics are first and where they fit on the timeline of history before trying to learn all the details of those topics. Then you can cover the information again and learn more details about the major topics and the pieces of the story will fit together more clearly.

Increasing levels of explanation is how the Infowar School explains the absolute picture. There are four levels. First, orientation. Second, basic training. Third, regular training and last, advanced training.

Orientation explains the story of the infowar in point form to introduce the major topics without any proof or details. Basic training adds some detail to the story . Regular training introduces the proof with some details. Advanced training adds detail to all the topics.

A New World Order

In this DVD, the emergence of a new world order is discussed, with all its political and socio-economic ramifications. The intrigues behind the setting up of a universal order dictating to the conscience of men are clearly exposed. The events leading up to this order, such as the great terrorist attacks of our time, and the battle against the so-called "axis of evil" are discussed, as well as how the new structure will personally impact on the lives of the citizens of the world.

The Secret Behind Secret Societies

Much has been written on secret societies and there are numerous speculations as to which powers control them. The nature of secrecy is such that the real power behind the power should remain exactly that-Secret. In this lecture, clear evidence is provided to show who really stands behind the throne of Earthly power.