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Basic Training

The Holy Roman Empire

Satan’s plan for a New World Order is very complex. It’s most basic principle is to put Satan in the place of God. All of the New World Order goals and strategies stem from that basic principle. That is why we have a world government called the United Nations and that is why people are fighting to build a third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The U.N. is Satan’s creation to be the political control of all the people of the world and the new third temple and a one world religion will be the spiritual control of all the worlds’ people. Satan needs to gain spiritual and political control of all the people of the world while destroying anyone who truly knows who God is and who tries to follow God. Then Satan can claim to be god.

Start Of The Holy Roman Empire

Since the year 70 God had taken a final position by writing in the bible all that would take place until the end of this world including the details of God’s own plan for returning to earth. For a little while after the year 70 Satan still tried to overcome the new and growing numbers of Christians but eventually it became obvious that paganism would not work anymore in uniting the world under a single religion. It was the bible that was causing all the trouble because God had put a final plan in writing for all to see. Now good people could use the bible to overcome paganism and to expose Satan until Jesus returns to end evil and destroy Satan permanently. Satan’s only option now is to try to counterfeit God’s written plan and trick us. He can’t do it exactly like God will so he has to change a few details in the bible but the changes always give him away and cause Satan to fail. Satan is an excellent multitasker. He is using his enemies to eliminate each other and achieve his goals while making the whole process look similar to God’s bible prophecy. About three hundred years after the completion of the bible Satan had changed his major strategy from uniting the world under his pagan rule to uniting the world under his counterfeit Christian rule and calling it the Holy Roman Empire.

It is difficult to put an exact date on the beginning of the new world order. The new world order is just the latest strategy to achieving the Holy Roman Empire and the reason for the change in strategy is because Satan’s evil forces will not fully join together. Ever since Satan decided that building the Holy Roman Empire would be the best way to make himself like God, things have not gone according to plan for Satan and so he has to keep adjusting his strategy. Satan wants to use The Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Church to co-opt Christianity. He created the Pope and gave him the position of God’s placeholder on earth. Meaning that he is in God’s place here on earth acting as God on earth. If Satan could get the pope into the temple on the temple mount in Jerusalem, then Satan could appear in the sky as a bright angel and pretend to be Jesus returning and the pope would say that Satan was God to help Satan trick us all. Especially if we all followed the pope like Satan has been trying to make us do.

It looks like the planning for Holy Roman Empire started as early as the fourth century. From the years 325 to 363 the set up for a change of Satan's main goals to unite the world was taking place. His two major goals in placing himself in God’s position would now be to take over God’s religion of Christianity and God’s former holy place the temple mount. In the year 235 the pagan temple to Jupiter on the temple mount in Jerusalem was destroyed to make way for a new temple for the pope. In 330 Constantine moved the seat of power from west Rome to east Rome to differentiate between pagan and holy Rome. In 331 Constantine ordered an ecumenical bible to be written. And in 363 the Jews would try to build a new temple on the mount that would eventually be occupied by the pope but God stopped them with earthquakes and fire.

Being stopped by God while using the Jews to build the third temple on the mount was Satan’s first setback while setting up the Holy Roman Empire. It was big enough to cause Satan to change his strategy for the first time in a major way because he would now have to find another group of people to build a temple for him on the temple mount.

A New World Order

In this DVD, the emergence of a new world order is discussed, with all its political and socio-economic ramifications. The intrigues behind the setting up of a universal order dictating to the conscience of men are clearly exposed. The events leading up to this order, such as the great terrorist attacks of our time, and the battle against the so-called "axis of evil" are discussed, as well as how the new structure will personally impact on the lives of the citizens of the world.

Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars

Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars need finance and support in order to succeed. Who is behind the major conflagrations which have plagued mankind particularly during the last centuries. Are sinister forces working behind the scenes to achieve their Hegelian synthesis and to bring about a new order of things? Some highlights discussed are the revolutions of the previous century, culminating in the rise of the USA, the Kennedy assassination, and the setting up of the new world order.

The Man Behind The Mask

The Bible and the Bible alone are used to identify the Antichrist power. The little horn power of Daniel 7 with its twelve clear identifying features points to the only one who can qualify as Antichrist. Modern day deceptions regarding the little horn power, the doctrines of preterism (that the Antichrist existed in the past) and futurism (that the Antichrist will come in the future) are contrasted with the plain Biblical teachings. The word of God is sharper than a double-edged sword cutting even to the marrow.