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Basic Training

The Great Deception

The whole world is a stage. The great deception is a complex matrix of lies that creates a false reality. The great deception can only happen with an enormous amount of actors to lead the populations of billions of people into accepting the goals of the new world order one step at a time until it is complete. There are many levels of people in the new world order because even the actors can’t be allowed to know what they are really doing. If they knew they were helping build the new world order they would quit their jobs and tell people how evil the new world order is because most people are good.

When Satan creates an organization he uses a small core of people called insiders to own and control the organization. He surrounds that core of people with other people called outsiders that are given a cover story and don’t know what is really happening. For example the freemasons on the outside at the lowest levels think that they are part of an organization that is charitable and good while the secret insider freemasons at the top levels know that they are there to influence and manipulate society into following Satan’s plans.

Satan wants to be worshiped and placed above God. Because he could never achieve that goal by being honest he uses deception and Satan’s great deception requires an audience as well as many actors. The audience is important because they provide the worship for Satan and the audience helps push the new world order forward to its completion. You and all the regular good people of the earth are the audience who are being manipulated by staged events and lies into reacting to build or accept the new world order.

The September 11, 2001 attack on America is a well known example of a staged event. People really died that day and buildings really fell but the reasons why those things happened are not what we were told by our leaders. That attack was just one of hundreds of examples of staged events that are used to make us react into doing things we would never otherwise do. The first world trade center truck bombing in 1993 was staged by the F.B.I. They provided the bomb and recruited people who hate America to drive the truck to the tower and bomb it. We know because Emad Salem recorded his conversations with the F.B.I because he didn’t want to use a real bomb but the F.B.I insisted he use a real bomb. The gulf of Tonkin attack on United States naval vessel was also proven and admitted to being a staged event to get the U.S.A. more involved in the Vietnam War.

How many of your God given rights have you given up so far in the name of your freedom? Did you support a war that you would never have supported because you were terrorized into doing so by terrorists? Have you changed your lifestyle to your disadvantage because the planet was supposed to burn up ten years ago or run out of water because some lied to manipulated and paid off scientist says so. Can you be trusted with a gun to protect yourself and your family or to have fun target shooting or to go hunting? Do you have to give up your guns because some mentally ill person who is manipulated and controlled by the new world order shoots people in a movie theater? Do you have to stop talking about certain subjects that are true and important because it offends certain people or groups who are all part of the new world order? All these staged events and problems and incorrect solutions are a matrix of false reality that you are caught up in. the solutions presented by our corrupt leaders to all these problems are really the goals of the new world order and you willing accept the changes because you think it is necessary to your survival and well being and future of your children and to other peoples futures too.