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Basic Training

Satan’s Major Strategies For Creating The New World Order

There are hundreds of other details to these plans but these are the major strategies that all other strategies, tactics and actions stem from.

Christian Idolatry

This is a way of tricking Christians into worshiping Satan and the spirits by praying to saints instead of praying to Jesus. It is part of the catholic religion.

The Super Deception For A Glorious New Age

Satan and the evil spirits are hiding so that people will think that they don’t exist. At a certain point in the near future they will present themselves as being aliens from a far off solar system who are here to save us from our destructive nature. It will probably be part of a plan linked to a new temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and to saving the earth from human destruction.

Satan’s Great General Council Of The 1700’s

In the seventeen hundreds Satan’s new world order was well under way and it was time to start making preparations for the future Great Deception strategy. Satan held a great general council and all his top spirits and occult members were to implement three main policies from then onward. The Three main policies are:

  1. Deceive people about the existence of the spirits and Satan. So people would think the fallen angels are just a myth
  2. Total control over peoples minds by introducing and using hypnotism as a new science for use in controlling world leaders and people in high places like scientists or doctors.
  3. Destroy the bible without burning it. The theory of evolution can’t be proven true because it is not true. But it creates so much doubt that it helps destroy the bible. Especially with people in high places like scientists and professors supporting the lie of evolution. Creating many incorrect versions of the bible is another way to destroy it without burning it.

Escape From Hell Ex Satan Worshipper John Ramirez Testimony

John Ramirez describes his role as a satanist and how he viewed the Christians at that time.

A Trip into the Supernatural - Roger Morneau

"Satan doesn’t want people to believe demons are real so demons can try to take over and control people through various ways such as blood contracts, fear , bribes , witchcraft, the new age movement, spirit channeling and Free Masons." - Gregory Newman