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Basic Training

Levels In The Secret Societies And Non Occult People Who Are Helping Build The New World Order

The following is a list of some of the levels in the hierarchy that make up the new world order. There are also many other levels.

Useful Idiot. (Outsider)

The kind of person that believes the new world order is just a conspiracy theory. These people are not in the secret societies and are good. There are many reasons that people are useful idiots. An example would be a TSA employee or DHS employee. They are easily controlled for one reason or another. Some may be naive and just trust and obey people who are in a position of authority because they could never imagine someone would be trying to deceive them. Others may just do their job and never think about the bigger picture of how the world works because they spend all their time enjoying the entertainment distractions provided by Satan’s new world order.

Unknowing Co Conspirator. (Outsider)

These are the types of people who can be woken up to the reality of what the new world order is doing. These people are not as easily controlled as the useful idiots are because they ask more questions and see a bigger picture but they don’t see the absolute picture. They require more lies and manipulation to carry out the plans of the new world order. An example of an unknowing co-conspirator would be an American soldier guarding opium crops for the Taliban to harvest and sell. Most American soldiers are good people and would never keep their enemies drugs safe for future profits that go to their enemies. They are told a cover story by their leaders who are part of the new world order to guard the opium or the Taliban will kill the opium farmers or launch other attacks on citizens. It is an example of the matrix of false reality and in this case the Americans are the ones in the matrix guarding opium in Afghanistan. The American drug war is another matrix of false reality. It allows the new world order to have secret inside agents on every level and every side of the drug trade which makes it very easy to smuggle new world order drugs for profits and stop non new world order drug smugglers.

Common Criminal. (Outsider)

They are not secret society members and can be good or evil. They commit minor crimes at the local level and a percentage of the money goes to the new world order.

The new world order likes to use crime to generate billions of dollars in revenue that they can use without having to be accountable to anyone for spending it. They own the world drug trade. In the specific case of selling drugs the key to generating profits is to have drug users that pay for drugs regularly. In a large city it is not uncommon to have many thousands of drug users. This many users requires hundreds of drug retailers commonly called street dealers. They are like the convenience stores and gas stations and fast food restaurants of the drug trade and they sell single servings by the gram. Just like any retailer the street dealers have suppliers that don’t deal directly to the users because the users don’t buy large quantities for large sums of money.

The drugs start as very large amounts weighing in the tones from the producers like farmers or chemists. New world order secret society members are involved in the higher levels of the drug trade to make sure things operate properly but it is not necessary or worth the risk for them to manage the lower levels like street dealers and their suppliers.

Low Level Secret Society Members (New World Order Insider)

They are usually evil people not from a royal blood line. They commit major crimes like blackmail, extortion, fraud, murder, drug smuggling etc. they may even only operate on a national level and not even know that the great conspiracy is operating on a global and spiritual level.

High Level Secret Society Members (New World Order Insider)

They are usually from a royal blood line or occult blood line. Any crime goes for these people. They are baby sacrificing and blood drinking Satan worshipers who still refer to Satan as Lucifer. They operate on an international and spiritual level. They are aware of Satan’s goals and work as planners and leaders and administrators to help carry out the strategies and policies of Satan.