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Basic Training

How God Will Restore Us To A Sin Free State

Plan Of Salvation

God provides a way for the mortal sinners to regain their immortality and live forever in heaven. All they have to do is choose to obey God and try the best they can to avoid evil. It is impossible for anyone tainted by sin to be perfect without being made perfect by God. God knows everything and he knows who is truly sorry for their sins and who is not. Even if a person is tricked by Satan and calls God by the wrong name because they are following a false religion. God knows who truly chooses good over evil. Many people are tricked into doing evil by Satan so always be aware. But God even knows who was tricked into doing evil and he takes everything into account. You cannot fool God. He knows all.

Many people have died during the history of the earth. Some of those dead people have rejected God but most have not. The ones that have not rejected God will be raised from the dead when God returns and will live forever. The ones that have rejected God will be raised 1000 years later and destroyed in a lake of fire. This means that you can die two times or just once. If you die a second time in the lake of fire it is permanent. You do not come back to life. Your flesh and spirit are destroyed. The first time you die, only your body of flesh dies and your spirit sleeps in heaven and is kept safe by God. You do not dream or have any awareness at all. The time your flesh dies until the time you are raised from the dead is instantaneous to you. So there is a difference between the first and second death. Some people will never die even once. If you are saved by God and you are alive when he returns, you will be translated into immortality and be spared from the lake of fire. If you were born too soon and can’t live until the day of return, then your flesh body will die and your spirit will sleep in heaven kept safe by God.

Being sinful is punished by the second death in the lake of fire. That means a permanent death that you do not come back from. If you choose to accept God and reject sin you can be forgiven and be spared from the second permanent death.

God is a Holy Trinity made of three parts called the Father, the Son and the Spirit. God the Father’s name is Yahweh. God the Son’s name is Jesus and God the Spirit’s name is the Holy Spirit. It is a difficult thing to understand how God can be one entity and be three distinct and equal parts but consider how you have a flesh body, a spirit and a soul. That’s three parts.

God paid the price of our sins to save mankind when he died the spiritual death in our place on the cross so that we don’t have to die permanently. Jesus is God. God could not just say, “Okay since you changed or choose good over evil I’ll forgive you”, God had to also bear the punishment for justice to be fulfilled and to be accountable to us all according to his own law. He had to pay the price and the price was death. When Jesus who is God, died on the cross, he died the second spiritual death in our place. If he didn’t, the price would be paid by us in the lake of fire and we would remain dead forever.

Restoration happens after everyone has a chance to be born and God proves Satan is wrong by showing the world the results of evil because God is going to destroy evil permanently. We are almost at that time now. Almost the entire timeline written in the bible leading up to Jesus’ return has passed.

By waiting 6000 years God has given many generations a chance to be born so they can live forever just as he intended. He has also shown everyone that separation from God results in death and suffering. Therefore, when we watch God permanently destroy the evil people in a lake of fire, we will have all of our questions answered and we will know that permanently destroying those evil angels and humans is correct and justified. There will be no lingering doubt about God or God’s laws because all the actions taken by Satan himself over his own life span will disprove Satan’s own claims.

Life is a choice not a test. Unless Jesus raises you from the dead or translates you to immortality because you were alive when he returned, you will die. Nobody can become immortal on their own. If life was a test it would mean that you could make it to immortality by yourself because you can pass a test all by yourself. That’s the purpose of a test. To do it alone. You cannot make it to heaven alone. Jesus has to raise you from the dead or translate your living body because you were still alive at his return. You have to choose Jesus and his plan of restoration over Satan’s plan for a New World Order.

201 - Just Another Man? / Total Onslaught - Walter Veith

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