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Basic Training

Historical Timeline Of Earth Leading Up To The Infowar

The Major Events Of Earth’s 6000 Year History

Page 5

The time period from 1450 to 1588 is a key time to understand because that is when the changes took place that caused Satan to develop the main goals and strategy that he is using today. At the end of that time period in 1588 he knew he had to develop a new strategy and about 125 years later in the early 1700’s he summoned a great general council of all his high ranking servants and updated them on the changes to his plans.

During that time period and in chronological order, here are the steps that lead to today’s world. In 1450 the printing press was invented so Satan could not expect to stop the spreading of the bible anymore. Now he would use misinterpretation of the bibles meaning and lies such as evolution to destroy the bible “without burning it.” In 1451 a ship type called the caravel was invented and people could now sail to other continents. Christians could escape with their bibles now so the Pope gave the catholic king of Iberia land rights in the new world so Satan could claim it for himself and own it before Christians discover it and lay claim to the new land. In 1487 the crusades ended so there was no one actively trying to reclaim the holy land for Satan. In 1517 martin Luther started a major protestant uprising that would effect several countries so Satan created the Jesuits to be the secret army for the Catholic Church. In 1533 England had a protestant reformation so in 1588 the catholic king of Spain sent his navy to invade England and remove Elizabeth the first. The English navy beat the Spanish navy and became the major sea power. Now a protestant country had become very dominant. Satan had to stop it immediately so he wrote his new world order strategy and updated his hierarchy at the great general council of the 1700’s. Even after this great general council Satan still has set backs but he has been able to over come them without having to make major changes to his main strategy.

Some of the secret societies needed for this plan were already created and some new societies were going to be created as the plan developed and new areas emerged.

In 1540 the Jesuits were created to be the secret and under cover operatives of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is very important because Satan has chosen to counterfeit God’s plan so Satan needs a counterfeit Christian church to do that. The Jesuits are the first link in the hidden chain of secret societies that control different parts of the earth. The Jesuits were created about 150 years before Satan started his third attempt at the Holy Roman Empire and their original purpose was to counter the reformation but since they operate by infiltration and subversion and answer to the pope, they can also be used to command and control all the main secret societies. Obviously the majority of people on earth are good and most catholic people are good so Satan has to keep the catholic church separate from the criminal side of the new world order. As Satan is building the new world order under the catholic church, if he needs to take actions along the way that are criminal, the Jesuits are given the job and they can use the other secret societies to carry out those actions.

In 1614 the Rosicrucian’s publish their first public writings. They claim to be an enlightened philosophical scientific and artistic society promoting universal reformation of mankind. It is Satan's tool for bringing science and art into the occult world so he can control them. This society introduced the concept of enlightenment to the public. Satan needed this new way of thinking because he needed the Catholic Church and the pope to remain hidden so that nothing regarding the new world order could be traced back to it. The Rosicrucian enlightenment was opposed to the catholic way of thinking and this opposition would be built up over time and used to start the French revolution. The Rosicrucians didn’t directly start the French revolution but they provided the concepts that would be used later by the illuminati to start it. The French revolution gave rise to napoleon who conquered Europe to reset the stage for the new world order to begin being built.

In 1634 speculative freemasons are allowed to become freemasons. This means that people who do not actually carve stones to make buildings are allowed to join the masons and soon entire lodges of speculative freemasons are formed. The pope banned Catholics from joining lodges so he wouldn’t appear to be in control of them. Freemasonry is a secret society that could work well in protestant countries such as England and America because it appeared to be hated by the pope. It is used to infiltrate political and professional classes of countries at lower levels where day to day activities take place. There are several levels within freemasonry. High level masons are illuminated and know about Satan’s plans. Lower level masons are lied to and fooled.

In 1727 the committee of 300 was created to be a high level secret society that would be used to manage a great number of institutions for Satan while maintaining a cover story for their true activities. Royalty nobility and aristocracy are used for their membership to keep it exclusive and under control. The committee of 300 is used for long term activities such as studies, monitoring and planning for the new world order. The members are not easily expendable. They control the illuminati who are lower than them and this provides separation in case the lower levels get caught. It is the same as a military dividing its high level officers from the enlisted ranks and lower ranking officers. The Order of the garter is the inner core of the 300.
From wikipedia: The Committee of 300, also known as The Olympians, is a group alleged to have been founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Proponents of the theory alleging the Committee's existence believe it to be an international council that organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.