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Historical Timeline Of Earth Leading Up To The Infowar

The Major Events Of Earth’s 6000 Year History

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Satan has had five major set backs between the years 1450 and 1588 during his second attempt at establishing a world wide holy roman empire. After the Spanish armada was destroyed in 1588 Satan knew that in order to achieve his goals he would have to develop a new strategy and so he did. The strategy is called the great deception and it is being used to create a new world order.

Satan is very experienced by now. He looks at what went wrong with his past plans to learn how to prevent problems from happening again and to deal with problems effectively if they can’t be prevented. Satan knows he has very little time left before God returns so he has to multitask and be powerful and aggressive. Having too many enemies to kill with his own forces and keeping complete control over his own forces are two problems he has had with his holy roman empire. This time Satan will use his enemies to eliminate each other and he will use secret divisions and levels within his human forces to control them. Satan and his demons will also remain hidden to further deceive people and make it easier to control them.

Satan’s two main goals are to put himself above God and to receive worship as if he was god himself. To do this Satan is trying to steal God’s plan. Satan can’t write a better plan than God wrote. God finished writing his final plan in the year 70 when the book of revelation was completed and since God will not be changing his final plan, the best option Satan has is to steal God’s plan and change the meaning. The two main parts of God’s plan that Satan is copying are the parts about God creating a new Israel and God returning to earth. This is why Satan is trying so hard to capture and control Israel and the temple mount. After Satan builds the new temple on the mount he will appear to us pretending to be god himself.

To do this he would Divide the world into groups and make the groups fight each other for specific reasons. The solutions to end the fighting will be the goals that Satan needs to achieve. By starting and ending conflicts Satan can work his way toward his two main goals which are: placing himself above God and receiving worship as if he is god himself. Some examples of the groups he is using are the Jews and Christians against the Muslims to capture the temple mount. He has used communists and fascists against America and the west to create a world government we know as the United Nations. He also used communism to try to wipe out the Eastern Orthodox Church because it would not follow the rule of the pope in Rome. Those are just a few examples of Satan using his enemies to kill each other to reduce our populations and achieve his goals at the same time.

There are probably hundreds and possibly thousands of secret societies. Some have a small amount of members that operate at minor goals and others are high up in the hierarchy and have hundreds or thousands of members and they operate on major goals for Satan. To best understand the secret societies as we see them today you have to remember that they were set up over many years and their ranks and authorities have sometimes been rearranged. This is because there is resistance to Satan's plans from good people on earth and Satan adapts his plans and armies as we resist him.