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- Infowar is the battle of Good vs. Evil
- God’s Original Plan Of Creation
- How Things Changed After Lucifer Sinned
- How God Will Restore Us To A Sin Free State
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Basic Training

God’s Original Plan Of Creation

Create Angels And Humans For His Glory

God created heaven and earth and all the life forms almost 6000 years ago. Angels and humans are two of the life forms God created at that time and they are similar to each other but they have some very big differences. Angels are all masculine and can’t reproduce. Humans were created with the intention for them to marry and reproduce. Angels and humans were immortal at the time of creation 6000 years ago and they were all in contact with God directly. They could all see him and talk to him and hear him.

Free Will Of Choice

God created angels and humans with the freedom to choose to obey his laws or to disobey them. Disobedience to God’s law is called sin. Sin is separation from God and results in spiritual and physical death.

If no one sinned from the beginning of creation, everything would be fine. We would all go on living forever without knowing evil. If someone sinned and introduced death and separation from God, then something would have to be done about it and that would take another separate plan from God called the plan of salvation. That plan would be used to restore things back to a sin free state. Someone did sin and the plan for salvation had to be used.

Because Lucifer tricked Adam and eve into sinning, mankind was separated from God and will eventually age and die and they will not come back to life unless Jesus raises them from the dead. Only Jesus has the authority to grant us restoration. He has the authority because he paid the price for our sins by dying the spiritual death in our place when he was crucified.

You were not given a choice about being created before you were born but you have the choice of being restored to an immortal state by God or you can choose to be destroyed by God permanently if you really don’t want to live forever in paradise. God does not want to force anyone to do anything so he lets us choose for ourselves. God created you and you get to choose if you wish to remain in existence or not.

A Trip into the Supernatural - Roger Morneau

"This Video confirms that the belief in the theory of evolution is a trap Satan uses to destroy peoples faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It also confirms that the beings flying the UFO's are Fallen Angels Demons lying and telling people they are aliens from other worlds when actually they are really rebels. Satan even doesn’t want people to believe demons are real so demons can try to take over and control people through various ways such as blood contracts, fear , bribes , witchcraft, the new age movement, spirit channeling and Free Masons." - Gregory Newman

Basic Training

This video series by The Fuel Project is a good video representation of Infowar School’s Basic training. You can watch the seventy seven short videos in this series and use them as a basic introduction into the infowar.

107 - A Day to be Remembered / Genesis Conflict - Walter Veith

In this intriguing lecture, the creation week is presented emphasizing the relationship between the Creator and the creation, answering questions such as: Who is the Creator? What is the significance of the seventh day of creation and what impact does it have on our lives today? Was the seventh day a Jewish institution or did it originate in Eden? An in-depth rediscovery of the day of rest.