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Basic Training

Infowar is the battle of Good vs. Evil

The New World Order is an enormous topic. It was created to control every aspect of life on earth. To best understand what the New World Order is and how it works you always need to keep topics in perspective and in context. While you are studying the infowar remember that the New World Order was created by Satan and is controlled by Satan and a hierarchy of spirits and humans who wish to remain hidden while they operate. Satan is about 6000 years old and is extremely intelligent and evil and he and his followers hate God. Remember that God is real and all the spirits and humans are His creations with the freedom to make their own choices. God has the supreme authority and He will very soon end evil forever.

The way regular people see the world is not the same way that the members of the New World Order see the world. Regular people think much smaller than the New World Order. Regular people don’t think about manipulating populations of countries by using murder, bribery or blackmail or by creating complex organizations to infiltrate governments and countless other schemes. Regular people don’t think about ways to kill millions of people who choose to follow God instead of Satan. Regular people are not perfect but they try to do good and avoid evil. Sometimes they make mistakes but they are usually trying to create good things and treat others well. The vast majority of problems of all the countries in our world are created by the New World Order and not by regular people.

To understand the absolute picture of the infowar, you have to go back to the time when God created angels and humans and the planet earth, to find the roots of what lead to the infowar. The root cause is Satan's corruption and desire to place himself above God. After 6000 years of trying and failing to destroy God’s creation and take over God’s authority, Satan is currently on his final attempt. That attempt is called the New World Order and it started over four hundred years ago about the year 1588. The infowar and the info warriors are the movement and the people who oppose the New World Order.

Basic Training Video Series

This video series by The Fuel Project is a good video representation of Infowar School’s Basic training. You can watch the seventy seven short videos in this series and use them as a basic introduction into the infowar.