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Infowar School was created by Shaun Almeida after his discovery of the infowar and his realization that the infowar lacked a clear definition of the absolute picture and a clearly defined set of solutions to end the New World Order. The Infowar School is meant to fill those needs by showing people the absolute picture and telling them how to fix the problems.

What is an Info Warrior

The term infowar is not new. It has been used in the past by militaries and was made more popular by Alex Jones and his website The association of the term infowar with the content of led to the labeling of people who oppose the New World Order as info warriors. An info warrior is just a person who tries to oppose the New World Order peacefully by exposing the New World Order for what it really is. It is a world order that is nothing but evil and leads to death and suffering.

Infowar Definition:

Infowar is spreading information that exposes the New World Order as an evil corrupt world order. Infowar is not physical combat. That is called war.

One Absolute Explanation

There is one absolute explanation for what is happening in the universe. If you are trying to find it, then it would be helpful to have that explanation in a short paragraph to get yourself started and then look at the proof after and decide if it is true. In its simplest form and without any detail or proof the explanation of the absolute picture is as follows.

"A little more than Six thousand years ago God created our universe and everything in it. There was no evil at all. God gave us the ability to choose to obey him or not to obey him so that we could truly be free. Eventually one angel chose to disobey God and even try to take over God’s position in the universe. That is when evil came into existence. Since then there has been a battle between good and evil and we are at the end of that battle now. Soon God will restore us to a state of being where evil is not possible and we can live forever in paradise. You won’t have the freedom of choice anymore to disobey God but if you are there you will have chosen that already." Shaun Almeida - creator of the Infowar School, 2017.

This simple explanation actually accounts for everything that has happened on earth and it can be proven. The alternative stories such as evolution or alien creators of humans are also accounted for by the above statement and are disproved so the theory is very strong and it shows one absolute picture. There is a key to understanding and proving the absolute picture faster and more easily. There are three points to keep in mind: know both sides of the battle which are the good side and the evil side, understand prophecy and understand the earths 6000 year timeline. This will lead you to the conclusion that the absolute picture is complete and accurate and it is supported by science and history while proving the alternatives to be false.

It takes several days or even weeks to review all the material at the Infowar School. As you are learning how the absolute picture looks you will have dozens or even hundreds of questions and you may even possibly be shocked or insulted but the truth is strange. Keep in mind the three key points as you study the absolute picture and you will see that the battle is between Satan and Jesus and the 6000 year timeline of history can be divided into major time periods. But the basis of all the proof are the prophecies told by God. This is because only God can know thousands of years into the future and tell us about it hundreds of years before it happens. The only version of prophecy that is accurate and supported by science and history and that proves the other explanations false is the version that is presented in the line of bibles known as the textus receptus line. It is the same line that the King James Bible comes from.

If you are looking for the absolute picture then you have found it. All you have to do now is check the facts to see if it is true and accurate. Because there is so much information it is a good idea to have a strategy for studying all of it. The Infowar School uses a strategy to quickly take you through the material. There is an orientation and three levels of study called basic, regular and advanced training.